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Unlock your business’s full technological potential with Class IV – the distinguished Fractional CIO consulting firm with over 20 years of expertise in IT, Cybersecurity, and Data.

Located in the Denver metro area and serving Denver, Houston, Calgary, and the entire US.

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Why Class IV?

Cost-Effective Fractional Solutions:

Delivering high-value services at competitive pricing.
Ensuring optimal outcomes without excessive costs.

Experienced and Specialized Expertise:

Deep knowledge across diverse scenarios and regulatory frameworks.
Mastery of best practices and advanced technologies from a real Fractional CIO.

Tailored High-Impact Strategies:

Crafting bespoke solutions aligned with each client's unique needs.
Focused on creating impactful results for every engagement.

Agility and Personalization:

Offering personalized, high-touch services with swift adaptability.
Avoiding bureaucratic delays for efficient implementation.

Strong Client Partnerships:

Building enduring partnerships based on trust and quality. Direct client engagement fostering better understanding and cooperation.

Vendor Agnostic:

Vendor agnostic solutions are crucial for our consulting company, ensuring unbiased recommendations that align with your specific needs and goals, fostering strong client partnerships.

Ride With Us?

Our commitment to real value and expertise. Unlike large firms that overcharge for minimal impact, we promise hands-on experience and results that truly deliver on our promises.

Our Clients

Ascent CFO Solutions
Grayson Mill Energy
Eclat Health Solutions
TAQ Energy

“Bryan Becker stands out as an exceptional visionary leader in digital transformation. His strategic prowess and leadership drove BKV’s remarkable rise from a top 50 US natural gas company to a top 15 US energy powerhouse. Having collaborated with him on AWS energy panels and webinars, I’ve witnessed his ability to drive results and lead impactful change in any organization.”

Fractional CIO Contact - Mark Schreiber, Managing Director

Mark Schreiber,

Managing Director

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