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Located in the Denver metro area and serving Denver, Houston, Calgary, and the entire US.

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Class IV stands as the top choice for IT Consulting Services, setting the standard for excellence. As a leading Denver IT consulting firm, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique needs, extending our technology services to a diverse clientele while specializing in the Oil and Gas, Healthcare, and various other sectors, spanning from Denver to Houston, Calgary, and across the expanse of the United States..


What distinguishes Class IV as your ideal partner in IT? Our unparalleled expertise in the Oil and Gas sector and an unwavering commitment to excellence position us as industry leaders. We understand the industry’s unique complexities and challenges and bring this depth of knowledge to every client, regardless of their industry. Our fractional CISO services are a testament to our ability to provide specialized, strategic guidance to enhance your cybersecurity posture.


Whether your business is located in Denver or beyond, we transcend geographical boundaries to provide first-rate IT solutions. From infrastructure optimization and cybersecurity to tech support and innovation, we ensure your IT landscape is secure, efficient, and primed for growth.


Select Class IV for IT Consulting Services and experience the power of technology-driven success. We are here to empower your business, regardless of location or industry, with our exceptional IT services. Trust us to be your partner in navigating the digital landscape, making your business more resilient, efficient, and ready for future challenges.

ClassIV IT Services

vCIO (Fractional)

At Class IV, we offer vCIO (Fractional CIO) services, providing strategic, high-level tech leadership that perfectly aligns with your business needs, but only requires a fraction of a full-time executive's commitment.


Our Governance, Regulatory, and Compliance (GRC) services ensure your business navigates the often complex IT regulatory landscape with ease, achieving compliance while optimizing operational efficiency. We're well versed with dealing with compliance standards like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and data privacy laws like GDPR, COPPA and CCPA.


Our strategic services encompass visioning, roadmapping, and business alignment, crafting a comprehensive IT strategy that's not just about technology, but a critical driving force behind your business success.


Veterans of multiple nine-figure acquisitions and bolt-ons, our expertise in Mergers & Acquisitions focuses on meticulous diligence and seamless implementation, guiding you through the intricate process of integration to ensure a smooth transition and immediate operational synergy.


We specialize in the convergence of IT and Operational Technology (OT), engineering modern solutions that streamline the intersection of these domains, optimizing efficiency and productivity in your technology-driven processes.


We excel in managing your IT infrastructure, guiding you through changes, right-sizing initiatives, and ensuring a fit-for-purpose environment that aligns with your business goals. Whether you're considering a journey to the cloud or optimizing on-premises infrastructure or just getting started, we'll expertly navigate you through the decision-making rapids, identifying the optimal path for your specific needs.​


Class IV is your trusted guide, steering your organization through the entire process, from ERP to application stack assessments to best-of-breed point solutions, we ensure your business harnesses the power of digital technologies to create value and strengthen your competitive edge. ​

Project Management

At Class IV, our Project Management services steer your IT projects through the tumultuous rapids of initiation to the serene waters of completion, ensuring your journey is on time, within budget, and meets your strategic objectives. Harness the power of our expertise to navigate the complexities of technology implementation and ensure a smooth voyage to success.​

Business of IT

Our strategic services include envisioning, roadmapping, and aligning with your business goals to create a holistic IT strategy. This strategy isn't just about technology; it's a vital driver of your business's success.

IT Consulting Service FAQs:

Class IV offers a range of IT services, including IT strategy, cybersecurity, tech support, and infrastructure optimization, positioning us among the top Denver IT consulting firms. Our services extend to fractional CISO expertise and reliable IT support, ensuring comprehensive solutions for your business needs.

Class IV serves businesses in the Denver, Houston, and Calgary areas, but can also work with clients located outside of these regions.

While Class IV specializes in the Oil and Gas sector, they are equally equipped to serve businesses from various other industries, providing customized IT solutions.

Class IV tailors IT solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring your IT infrastructure is secure, efficient, and aligned with your business goals.

Yes, Class IV prioritizes data security and offers comprehensive cybersecurity measures to safeguard your IT systems and data.

Absolutely! You can reach out to Class IV through their website, phone, or email to start a conversation about how they can assist your business.

Class IV’s deep industry knowledge allows them to provide specialized IT solutions that address the unique needs and challenges of the Oil and Gas sector.

Class IV’s IT strategy services cover IT planning, roadmap development, and alignment with your business objectives to drive technological success.

Yes, Class IV offers infrastructure optimization services to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT infrastructure.

Class IV’s IT services are adaptable to various industries, making them an excellent choice for businesses across different sectors seeking customized IT solutions.

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