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Consulting Technology Services to Guide Through the Rapids: IT, Cyber, Data, More.

Located in the Denver metro area and serving Denver, Houston, Calgary, and the entire US.

Our Technology Services:


Embarking on the IT journey with Class IV means charting a course for smooth sailing. Our IT consulting services serve as your technology compass, directing your business towards efficiency and innovation. To delve deeper into our IT solutions, click on the IT button and let’s embark on this adventure together.


The digital world is filled with whirlpools of threats. But don’t worry; Class IV has your back. We serve as your protective shield, offering cutting-edge cybersecurity consulting services that fortify your business against any potential threats. Interested in how we can secure your voyage? Hit the Cybersecurity button to learn more.


Data, much like a river, is constantly flowing and changing its course. Our data consulting services help you navigate this ever-changing stream, transforming raw data into actionable insights that drive your business towards success. Dive deeper into the world of data with us; click the Data Services button to begin your journey.

Fractional CIO & Technology Services by Class IV

Class IV emerges as the quintessential selection for Fractional CIO Services, embodying an unwavering dedication to distinction that distinguishes us. Anchored in the dynamic hub of Denver, our expert technology services of IT, Cybersecurity, and Data, extend our reach to a multifaceted spectrum of clients. Our focal points encompass but transcend the realms of Oil and Gas, Healthcare, and various other sectors, spanning from Denver to Houston, Calgary, and across the expanse of the United States.

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