AI Disclaimer

Leveraging AI in Our Work

In the fast-paced digital environment of today, artificial intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency. At Class IV, we want to be transparent on how we integrate advanced AI technologies like ChatGPT to deliver unparalleled IT solutions and executive strategies. Here’s how:

Enhancing Professional Writing: We leverage AI to elevate the quality of our written communication. This includes refining spelling, improving language, enriching prose, and optimizing wording. The result is precise, engaging content that effectively communicates our strategies and solutions.

Client Data Privacy and Security:
Your trust is paramount to us. We assure our clients that we do not use your data by uploading it to AI platforms that could compromise its security. We respect the privacy of your data and uphold stringent standards to ensure its safety.

A Tool, Not A Solution
: AI is a powerful tool in our arsenal, but it is not the end-all solution. The heart of our services lies in the expertise, strategic thinking, and innovative problem-solving provided by our human team. AI is used as a supplementary tool to boost our productivity and service delivery, with critical decision-making always being human-led.

Unmatched Expertise
: While AI aids us in various tasks, our primary offering is the seasoned expertise and experience we bring to the table. The use of AI enhances our work, but the main benefit of engaging with Class IV, remains the years of industry insight, technical acumen, and business foresight we offer.

Code Development and Enhancement
: We employ AI in our software development process to write, improve, and optimize code and scripts. This allows us to deliver more efficient, robust, and reliable solutions, with AI assisting in identifying and correcting errors, refining code structure, and even generating code in certain instances.

Data Analysis and Predictive Insights
: AI enables us to swiftly analyze large amounts of data, discern complex patterns, and make accurate predictions. This capability powers our decision-making process with data-driven insights, helping us devise effective strategies and solutions.

Automating Repetitive Tasks
: AI aids us in automating repetitive tasks, allowing our team to focus more on strategic, high-value activities. It also facilitates seamless integration of SaaS and data products while maintaining top-tier security, boosting the efficiency and security of our operations.

At Class IV, we are committed to harnessing innovative technologies and methodologies to provide our clients with superior IT, cybersecurity, and data strategies. Through strategic integration of AI into our processes, we’re keeping our clients ahead of the technology curve and delivering results that make a difference.

Leveraging AI in Our Work
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What Our Peers Say

Fractional CIO Contact - Mark Schreiber, Managing Director

Mark Schreiber,

Managing Director

“Bryan Becker stands out as an exceptional visionary leader in digital transformation. His strategic prowess and leadership drove BKV’s remarkable rise from a top 50 US natural gas company to a top 15 US energy powerhouse. Having collaborated with him on AWS energy panels and webinars, I’ve witnessed his ability to drive results and lead impactful change in any organization.”

Recommended for Fractional CIO Services - Jim Turpin, CTO

Jim Turpin, CTO


“Bryan Becker’s leadership is unmatched. With a decade-long relationship and three years of direct collaboration, I’ve witnessed his strategic problem-solving and unwavering commitment to results. Bryan’s poised approach to even the most complex challenges, coupled with his technical prowess, makes him an essential asset for any leadership role.”

Denver CIO recommendation from Eddie Mize, CISO

Eddie Mize, CISO


“Bryan Becker’s journey from a security engineering expert to a visionary IT leader is inspiring. Having collaborated with him on various projects, I’ve witnessed his remarkable professional growth and leadership. Bryan’s strategic mindset, cultural influence, and unwavering commitment to his team have led to extraordinary accomplishments.”