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We support our clients and navigate the IT currents with care, stewardship, and expertise

We genuinely care about your success utilizing technology in your business and look forward to hearing from you!

At Class IV, our mission is to support our clients and navigate the IT currents with care, stewardship, and expertise. We are dedicated to providing top-notch IT consulting services that optimize business efficiency, fortify cybersecurity, and harness the power of data. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and staying at the forefront of technological advancements allows us to deliver innovative solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. With a focus on care, we strive to be the go-to consulting firm for navigating the intricate IT challenges, ensuring our clients’ success in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Our History

"Inspired by the challenge of navigating Colorado's Class IV rapids, our firm guides clients through the technological currents of growth. With over 20 years in IT, cybersecurity, and data, we're your experienced guide, ensuring a smooth journey beyond the digital rapids.

Our Story

Our founder noticed how big consulting firms charged excessive fees for minimal value, often failing to deliver on promises or lacking practical experience. This inspired our company's dedication to offering authentic, experience-based guidance. Class IV emerged as the trusted companion to help our clients navigate the rapids of technology.

Our Vision

Class IV is your trusted partner for cybersecurity, IT, and data analytics needs. We add value and empower organizations to thrive in the digital landscape. With holistic solutions that foster long-term growth, we navigate industry complexities, promoting a sustainable future based on trust and innovation.


Bryan Becker
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Bryan Becker is an accomplished IT executive with over 20 years of visionary leadership experience. He has a proven track record of catalyzing enterprise-level transformation to maximize organizational growth and success. As a CIO, CISO, and VP of Information Technology, Bryan has built and maintained top-level oversight of multiple teams, including Service Desk, Infrastructure teams, Enterprise Applications, Cybersecurity, Data Engineering, and Business Intelligence. His experience in supporting businesses has led to successful IT integrations for multiple nine-figure acquisitions, preparation of IT and compliance for an public offering, and founding initiatives to establish data governance, data analytics, and workflow optimization. Bryan’s expertise has been highlighted in KPMG case studies in the Wall Street Journal and by AWS. He is committed to staying up-to-date with emerging technologies and industry trends to drive innovation and support business growth.

Brian Becker, CEO & Founder of Class IV
Technology Services by Class IV
Whitewater veteran, Ted Runkel, guides Class IV founder through Zoom Flume in Browns Canyon.

The Story behind Class IV

In the realm of whitewater and rugged terrain, one encounters the infamous scales of difficulty. You may have come across the International Scale of River Difficulty, a popular rating system for rapids. Amongst the challenging rapids lies a formidable Class IV rapid known as “Seidel’s Suckhole”, nestled about 13 miles north of Salida, Colorado. As captured in countless videos, navigating this treacherous stretch without expert guidance often leads to epic carnage.

Inspired by the thrills of whitewater adventures, Class IV was born. We proudly assume the role of those expert guides, ready to accompany our clients through their own technological “rapids” as they navigate their growth cycles. While the business challenges may not match the intensity of conquering Seidel’s at 2800 CFS, rest assured that working with Class IV will be like having an experienced guide by your side. With over 20 years of expertise in IT, cybersecurity, and data, we are the sturdy raft that will help you navigate your way to success, ensuring your journey is as smooth as the tranquil waters after the rapids. 

What Our Peers Say

Fractional CIO Contact - Mark Schreiber, Managing Director

I work with executives to develop and implement digital transformation initiatives. When I met Bryan in the winter of 2019, he had been recently hired by BKV’s CEO to develop and implement a digital transformation strategy that would move the organization beyond spreadsheet analytics to modern cloud analytics – data lake, data warehouse, AI & machine learning.

Not many organizations achieve what BKV has accomplished under Bryan’s leadership and what makes it most impressive to me is the quality of the team that Bryan has hired and the results that they have achieved. Under Bryan’s leadership, BKV has become a data-driven organization rising from a top 50 US natural gas company to a top 15 US natural energy company in the United States.

Along this journey I have also had the privilege of participating with Bryan on several AWS energy panels and we’ve done AWS digital transformation webinars together. Bryan is an incredible visionary who has the leadership skills to implement and lead digital transformation for any organization.

Mark Schreiber, Managing Director 

Recommended for Fractional CIO Services - Jim Turpin, CTO

I have had the pleasure of knowing Bryan for the last 10 years and worked with him for 3 of those years. I know Bryan as a valuable asset to any organization and a trusted colleague in our industry. In the three years that we worked together, Bryan consistently demonstrated strong leadership skills, a strategic approach to problem-solving, and a dedication to driving results.

One of the things that sets Bryan apart is his ability to approach even the most complex business challenges with a calm and methodical approach. He is able to break down problems into smaller, more manageable pieces, and work through them with determination and a clear focus on the ultimate goal. 

I highly recommend him for any leadership role, as his technical and management skills blend to make him a valued asset on any team.

Jim Turpin, CTO

Denver CIO recommendation from Eddie Mize, CISO

I’ve known Bryan and worked with him on multiple security assessments, consulting engagements, and overall have considered him a friend and colleague for many years. I’ve personally watched his professional growth blossoming from an individual contributor as a security engineering and consultant to an Information Security (CISO) leader to visionary IT leader scaling, supporting, and securing an IT department of a company with 100% growth over the past 3 years. 

He brings enormous value to the table as a strategic leader, culture champion, and has led his companies through his tenacity, professionalism, empathy, and team leadership. I am honored to be considered a friend and colleague and value our professional relationship!

Eddie Mize, CSO